LED Strip

LED Strip accessory adds a new level of personalization to your quadcopter.

$3.99 USD
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7/1/2016 - This product has been discontinued and no longer for sale.

The six addressable RGB LED strip was specificly designed to work with the Transmitting Module.

When plugged into the accessory port of the Transmitting Module up to 14 colors can be selected from using the IR Remote.

Plug & Play

Plugs directly into the accessory port on the Transmitting Module.
LED Strip can also be modified to connect to the flight controller.


Quickly change colors through the VTX Quick-Bind feature whenever you want. No computer required when connected to the Transmitting Module.


Be sure your 5v power distrobution board (PDB) can support the current requirements of the LED Strip and Transmitting Module.

Technical Specifications

length 37.5mm, width 8.5mm, height 3mm
Solid Colors:
Red, Lime, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Orange, White
Special Colors:
Auto - Color assigned by frequency
Scan, Thruster, Police, Fire, Warning, Rainbow, Off
2 grams (3g with wires)
Power Draw
3.5v to 5.0v input voltage.
(20mah per color) * (3 RGB) * (6 Leds)
Typical about 200mah per strip.


Transmitting Module

TX 5.8Ghz video transmitter with quick bind technology and accessory port.