General Questions

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Due to high demand the La Forge products some times go out of stock. Our production schedule produces new batch of products every month and a half so you wont have to wait long.
Also be sure to check our Resellers List.
No, La Forge FPV products are closed source.

La Forge FPV started off as an open source project known as the rx5808-pro-diversity created by Shea Ivey. Once manufacturing of hardware began we needed to give our customers the best compeditive edge by forking off from the origional project as well as protect our investment from the inevitable clones.
First look through the FAQ and make sure your issue has not already been addressed.

In order to properly help with your issue we ask you first get in contact with the vendor you purchased from. Once they have verified your purchase they will take appropriate steps to help resolve your situation.

If you are still having issues you can open a support ticket at UBAD Support for further assistance.

Receiver Questions

You can quickly save the current settings by pressing and holding the select button for 2 seconds.

You can also navigate to the settings menu and scroll to the second to last menu option "save & exit".
RSSI Calibration Video
You only have to calibrate the diversity module to the main module once or after flashing firmware.
  1. Power on La Forge with antennas removed
  2. Setup Menu then Calibrate RSSI
  3. During first sweep power on VTX with antenna installed
  4. Aim goggles at VTX and be within 6ft.
  5. Done. Results are auto saved.
Flashing new firmware wipes out all settings including RSSI calibration. You will have to run it again after every flash. Transmitting VTX is required to properly calibrate. If none is detected it will attempt to revert to default values. Transmitting Channel does not matter.
The call sign can be up to 10 standard ASCII characters
This is usually caused by a micro fracture of glass on the OLED. In some cases the break is so bad the OLED will not even light up. The only solution is to perform a screen replacement.

Buy a new Screen from UBAD

Video on how to replace a broken screen
Depending on the version of hardware you have this could be caused by two reasons.

V2 Hardware
Make sure the module bay power switch is turned on.
Make sure your Fatshark battery is properly charged.
Check for "bent pin".

V1 Hardware
This is usualy a sign of a "bent pin".
Bent pin is relatively easy to fix using the right tools and a steady hand.

You will need tweezers and a magnifying glass depending on how good your eyesight is.
  1. First use the magnifying glass to locate the bent pin, be sure to check both diversity ports.
  2. Once located use the tweeezers to gently bend the pin back into alignment with the other pins.
Common Symptoms of Bent Pin
If you are constantly switching between receiver modules and adding or removing the diversity plug you may eventually experience a bent pin in the diversity port. Below are a few symptoms of improper seating of the diversity wire harness or bent pin.
  • RSSI is always full bars.
  • Beeps stopped working.
  • LEDs are dim.
  • Receiver B video is blank in the diversity menu.

Transmitter Questions

The La Forge VTX is 5.0v only.
If you supply more then 5.0v the onboard microcontroller will be damaged beyond repair.

You will also need ample current to properly power the VTX and LED Strip. We recommend a Power Distrobution Board (PDB) that can supply a minimum of 1.2 amps of continuous current.
In order to change settings on the VTX you must switch it to bind mode. Once in bind mode you will need to use the Main Module or Remote to send the IR settings.

The IR emitter and detector require direct line of sight and only work at very short distances (0-40mm).
No, you do not need to plug anything into the accessory port. The VTX will work just the same however it will be harder to tell when a cuccessfull bind happened.
Yes, this process is very easy and there are pads available to solder on the SMA connector.

Firmware Questions

Please visit the Firmware page for details on how to update.