Diversity Module

V1-3 Secondary RX 5.8Ghz diversity module with beeper and wire harness.

$39.99 USD
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3/15/2016 - This product has been discontinued and no longer for sale.
**Not compatible with V4 Main Module**

The Diversity Module is an additional 5.8GHz receiver with status LEDs buzzer and wiring harness.

Adding a secondary receiver gives another layer of reliability and allows for different types of antennas to be used simultaneously so you can feel confident you are getting the best signal. Finally a Fat Shark diversity module that works.

When plugged into the Main Module, the Diversity Module is automaticly detected and ready to use without any firmware flashing.

VRX Module

Custom engineered VRX module with dual 5.8GHz filter capable of receiving the cleanest RF signal.

Plug & Play

Plug the supplied wireing harness directly into the diversity port of the Main Module.


Add audio confirmation to button presses and antenna switching.

Technical Specifications

length 39.5mm, width 23.5mm, height 6mm

Wiring Harness - 10cm in length
Status LEDs
Indicates power (red) and if receiver is active (green).
Firmware Features
  • Diversity Menu Select which antenna to use & switching speed.
  • Auto Detect Firmware automaticly detects when diversity module is plugged in.
40 channel receiver.

Designed around a custom vRX module only found on LaForge FPV Products. High sensitivity dual filtered 5.8GHz module.
4.25v-5.0v input voltage only.

* A few users have reported burnt ribbon cables while using the Diversity Module. In all instances these goggles were opened up or modified in some way. LaForge FPV and UBAD do not reccomend modding your goggles. Modding your goggles will void your fat shark warranty. User installs Diversity Module at their own risk.


Main Module

V4 RX 5.8Ghz spectrum analyzer with OLED display, OSD, USB, and Pit Audio.


Main Module

V1-3 RX 5.8Ghz spectrum analyzer with OLED display and IR emitter.