RF Lap Timer

Keep track of your laps times with this new firmware.

Built entirely from the ground up the goal of this firmware is to track RSSI signal strength as your quad passes by the finish line logging your time between each pass.

The firmware will keep track of up to 99 laps as well as calculate your average and best laps.
Designed exclusively for all hardware versions of the La Forge Main Module.


  • Log up to 99 laps stored in EEPROM.
  • Tune to any frequency between 5.300GHz and 5.999GHz.
  • Long running laps will become heat number allowing clean separation between battery packs.
  • Attach an LED strip for visual conformation to spectators that a lap was logged.
  • Average Lap time calculation.
  • Best Lap time calculation.
  • Simple UI and setup.
  • RSSI triggered.
  • Manually reset or trigger current lap.


All settings are saved automatically and the firmware will resume where you left off on the next power cycle.
  1. Calibrate RSSI - Do this to make sure you get the best RSSI reading.
  2. Set Frequency - Set your frequency you want to monitor (5300 - 5999MHz).
  3. Set RSSI Trigger - Set the RSSI threshold that will cause a lap to be triggered (80%).
  4. Set Lap Timeout - Lap times greater then this time will be considered a new heat. (120s).
  5. Set Led Strip Settings - Set the number of LEDs and Color of the LED Strip (Auto, 60 LEDs).
  6. Reset - Clear all laps and start a new heat.

General Notes

  • This is meant to be for advanced users with spare La Forge RX module laying around.
  • If you are in a pinch you this firmware is also flyable but you will be missing key features from the main firmware such as: Diversity, Favorites and VTX settings.
  • This firmware is uploaded using the same steps found on the firmware upload page.