RF Analyzer

Explore the 5.8Ghz spectrum like never before with over 300 frequencies to choose from.

Built entirely from the ground up the goal of this firmware is to focus on frequencies to give the best tune for whatever transmitter or environment you find yourself in.

Designed exclusively for all hardware versions of the La Forge Main Module.

This firmware has 3 modes

  1. Locked On Mode - This is where you will go once you found your frequency and are ready to fly. From here you can fine tune the channel by 1MHz at a time. Video can only be seen while in this mode. Long up/down press will switch between your favorite channels.
  2. Band Scanner - This mode will show all 48 channels including the new L-Band and their RSSI strength. In this mode you can also choose which channel and band you want to be on as well as set your favorite channels.
  3. RF Analyzer - This is where you will really be able to explore the RF spectrum with interactive graph.


All settings are saved automatically and the firmware will resume where you left off on the next power cycle.
  1. Calibrate RSSI - Do this to make sure both RX modules are balanced.
  2. Diversity Menu - Select between antenna A, B, or Best when diversity is enabled. Choose diversity algorithm switch speed.
  3. Samples - These are the number of steps around the center we want to take. Show on the X axis. (Values 10, 20, 50, 100)
  4. Step Size - This will be the number of MHz between each sample. (Values 1-15)
  5. Units - Dbm, Percent or Raw shown on the Y axis

Diversity Algorithm

Another thing that has been redesigned in this firmware is the way in which the best antenna is selected giving the fastest and most reliable switching you will find on any diversity system of this size.

We have also visualized the win/loss in the triangle to the left of the antenna name. The triangle builds up until it wins out over the other antenna.

General Notes

  • This is meant to be for advanced users wanting the best tune or anyone wanting to learn more about Radio frequencies and transmission.
  • There are a few features missing in this firmware such as: Favorites, Call Sign, and VTX settings.
  • This firmware is uploaded using the same steps found on the firmware upload page.