Main Firmware

At La Forge FPV we are constantly looking for new ways to give you the competitive edge you can only get from our products.

Stay up to date with the latest version of the Main fork of the La Forge Module firmware.

Designed exclusively for all hardware versions of the La Forge Main Module.

The Main firmware has 4 modes

  1. Favorites Mode - Cycle between your favorite channels. You can add and remove favorite channels from the Manual Mode by pressing select for 1 second on any channel.
  2. Manual Mode - Tune to the exact channel you want in this mode. You can also use this mode to add or remove favorite channels.
  3. Spectate Mode - Scans through all channels stopping on channels above a certain RSSI threshold.
  4. Band Scanner Mode - This mode will position channels as they appear in in the RF Spectrum. In this mode you can also choose which channel you want to be on by using the up/down buttons.


All settings changes need to be saved or they will reset on the next power cycle.
  1. Ordering - Move through frequencies by channel or frequency order.
  2. Beeps - Enable or disable sounds.
  3. Call Sign - Edit your call sign (Up to 10 characters).
  4. Calibrate RSSI - Do this to make sure both RX modules are balanced.
  5. Diversity Menu - Select between antenna A, B, or Best when diversity is enabled. Choose diversity algorithm switch speed.
    • Antenna Mode - Choose which antenna is active or select Auto for whichever module is best.
    • Switch Speed - Choose how sticky you wan the diversity algorithm to switch between modules.
  6. Quick Boot - Bypass the boot screen and go directly into the screensaver mode.
  7. L-Band - Enable the L-Band frequencies giving access to all 48 channels.
  8. VTX Power - mW power you want your La Forge VTX to run at.
  9. VTX Color - VTX LED Strip colors.
  10. VTX Audio - VTX Audio ground.

Diversity Algorithm

Another thing that has been redesigned in this firmware is the way in which the best antenna is selected giving the fastest and most reliable switching you will find on any diversity system of this size.

We have also visualized the win/loss in the triangle to the left of the antenna name. The triangle builds up until it wins out over the other antenna.

General Notes

  • Product Manual
  • This is the same firmware that comes on all new La Forge Modules from the manufacturer.
  • This firmware is uploaded using the same steps found on the firmware upload page.