Capture and Defend

The next big thing to hit FPV starts here!

How to Play

Our implementation of capture the flag is similar to most video games... Except we use quadcopters and the VTX RSSI to do it.

  1. There is a capture time required to claim a free flag.
  2. Once a flag is captured it will remain that teams flag until being contested by another team.
  3. A flag can also be defended perventing capture unless the defender is overpowered by the opposing team.
  4. Game times should be limited to 3 minutes.
  5. At the end of a game the team with the most flags wins.
  6. All players should use similar mW rated VTX
  7. For best results remove RX antenna and calibrate RSSI often and verify distance threshold in settings.

General Notes & Wiring Diagram

  • Antennas create create differnet bubbles around the RX depending on their type. Standard whip is recommended. You can try using directional antennas as well. For the smallest range do not use an antenna on the RX.
  • This firmware is uploaded using the same steps found on the firmware upload page.
  • You will need a male 10 pin sh connector @ 1mm pitch to hook the LED Strip to the diversity port on the La Forge Module.

Example Game Settings

Fast Paced - Free For All

  1. Game: Free For All
  2. Capture Time: 3 seconds
  3. Distance: 95%
  4. Defendable: Yes

Red vs. Blue

  1. Game: Team Capture
  2. Capture Time: 6 seconds
  3. Distance: 90%
  4. Defendable: Yes

Race Gate - Show color as racers pass by

  1. Game: Race Gate
  2. Capture Time: 9 seconds
  3. Distance: 85%
  4. Defendable: Yes/No - Not used